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Miss Adeline - 7 Days New

Sweet Miss Adeline was an absolute DREAM, and this is one session I will never forget...for a few reasons!

I haven't had a super cooperative baby in few months, so as I'm photographing her and thinking, "Wow, I can't believe this is going so well!" we heard a noise in my kitchen. Nothing loud or crazy, but enough to get our attention. My mom/assistant went to investigate and discovered that the jar candle I had lit and placed on the counter had EXPLODED and was now a giant pile of melted wax, broken glass, and of course, flames. First instinct: throw water on it. Y'all, DON'T THROW WATER ON A CANDLE FIRE!!! The oils in the wax will send the semi-contained blaze into an uncontrollable blazing fireball. I calmly handed baby Adeline back to her mom and let them know they could exit stage left as soon as possible. With the help of my handy fire extinguisher, we got the fire out with minimal damage to the kitchen, and no damage to my clients or ourselves. Moral of the story, DO NOT BUY JAR CANDLES! I've had a jar candle in the house since they became a "thing", and I've never had this happen before. Once is all it takes, though, and I'm jumping right off that band wagon!

All the drama of the day aside, I'm so excited that Mom Brittanie gets to experience the best gift life can give this Christmas. Does it get any better than snuggling a brand new baby? I'm not sure it does.

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