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Introducing - Nico

I love watching "my" families grow.

I've known Becky since we were in middle school, I had the honor of photographing her wedding a few years ago, and I was so excited to hear that she and her husband were welcoming a sweet baby boy into their lives.

When I reached out to finalize the session details, I asked the question I always ask, "Do you and your partner want photos with baby?" I expected to get the answer I always get "Oh heck no!! Just the baby!", but was overjoyed when she said yes! Y'all, I'm going to give you some advice--these sweet babes are only little for a little while. Mommas, I know after you give birth, having to get yourself all dolled up and looking presentable is not what you want to do (trust me, I've been there...twice), but I have one giant regret in my life, and it's that I did not get photos taken with my oldest. I was still feeling so swollen, bloated, fat, ugly, and uncomfortably stitched back together like Dr. Frankenstein's monster. The last thing I wanted to do was step in front of a camera. But guess what? He grew up faster than I had ever imagined. Before I knew it, he was 6 months old and I hadn't had a single photo taken with him. I thought, "My God, if I die tomorrow, he's going to think I didn't love him!" Dramatic, maybe, but my point is this: cherish these moments. BE PRESENT in these moments. Snuggle and love up on those sweet babies as much as you can, because I promise you, the "I can do it myself" stage of life happens faster than you're ready for!

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