Behind the Scenes Studio: What's In My Bag?

Looking for some equipment advice? Curious about what I have in my bag and how I use it? Here we go!


Canon Rebel T2i

You gotta start somewhere! This was my very first DSLR and I learned a LOT about digital photography on this baby. It was a great way to explore the hobby and learn without breaking the bank. I started out by shooting on Auto mode, and studying what the camera settings were in each situation. Then, I’d switch over to Manual mode and adjust the settings based on the Auto settings and my personal preferences. The great thing about digital photography, is that you can immediately see the results, adjust accordingly, and keep shooting without worrying about “wasting” film or space on a memory card. Don’t like the image? Cool, delete it and try again!

The Rebel series is what I recommend people start with if you’re on a budget and aren’t 100% sure photography is what you’re into, or if you’re looking to get better images of your family activities. It’s relatively inexpensive, very user-friendly, and is lightweight (ideal if you’re on the go).

Canon 6D

This was my first “professional” body, and is now used as my backup. When I purchased this guy, I was mostly shooting weddings, which meant dark churches and reception halls. The 6D was leagues ahead of the Rebel as far as shooting in low-light situations, which, at the time, is what I needed most.

I recommend this body if you’re ready to make the commitment to photography full time, or as a very serious hobby.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

I waited years to take the plunge into the Mark series, and y’all, when I got this baby in my hands for the first time, I swear I heard angels singing. No matter what situation I’m in—outdoors or in a basement—I know my final results will be killer. Because I’m not a full-time photographer, I wasn’t thrilled about the hefty price tag, but oh my lanta has it been worth it!

This is very much a “professional” camera. If you’re willing and able to pay the price, you won’t be disappointed! It’s definitely overkill for family functions, but if you’re a professional or a serious hobbyist, I can’t recommend this one enough.


Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L

This is my go-to lens for both Studio and Lifestyle sessions, and is my second favorite lens for outdoors. The 1.4 f-stop combined with the Mark iii body, means that even in the smallest, darkest places, I know I’ll be able to get great photos.

6 month baby boy suspenders and glasses
toddler bubble bath

Sigma 50mm f/2.8 EX DG macro

This was my first macro lens (purchased back in 2008), and I still have it because I just can’t find a reason to give it up. I purchased the Sigma instead of the Canon, because at the time, it was what I could afford. This lens is killer. I use this for ring shots during engagement sessions, and all my newborn sessions (Studio, Lifestyle, and Fresh 48).

newborn baby toes

Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM

This is my go-to lens for outdoor senior sessions. It's tack sharp, and shooting wide opened at 1.8 results in absolutely dreamy bokeh.

senior girl

So why Canon? Let me start off by saying I have a degree in IT. It’s literally my job to understand technology. My mom has always used Nikon, and when I mentioned that I was interested in taking up the hobby, she let me have a go with her camera. Guys, I could not figure that thing out on my own to save my life. I spent a lot of time reading the manual. The first time I picked up a Canon, I was shooting in Manual mode in less than 10 minutes. I’m all about ease of use, and I cannot recommend Canon enough for this reason.

Who has questions?? Leave a comment below or shoot me an email:

Stay tuned for the next BTS Studio blog on lighting!

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